Fighting bigotry with…..bigotry?

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Pushing on us.

There is a Gay Strip Club called “The Abbey“, that is apparently fighting bigotry and their rights with….well…bigotry. An article in L.A. Weekly that has stated that they have now banned straight male bachelor parties, bachelorette parties or “any celebration of straight marriage” until Gay Marriage is accepted. Now they claim they are hated on, mistreated, and judged for who they are. Isn’t this the same thing they are doing to us? I’m sorry, but you can not fight against something that you are also committing.  And once again, this also falls in the same genre as them pushing their beliefs on us.

  1. StraightNotNarrow says:

    Nobody is pushing anything on you. This club is a private business and they have every right to not provide services to whomever they want. If you need a “straight” bachelor party, there are plenty of businesses who will accommodate. Like the flower shop in MA who refuse to provide flowers for an openly gay congressman’s marriage. Same thing.

    • dcristjr says:

      i can not disagree with this. I’m just making the point that “we” are labeled as bigots for the way we believe, and that this is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black. Thank you for the comment 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    Well, this doesn’t qualify as bigotry in this case. Bigotry is defined as an intolerance for certain beliefs. For example, in the Civil Rights era, a racist white person would be seen as bigoted for having intolerance for black people for the sake of being black.

    Now in our era and in the conflict of gay marriage, bigotry displayed by straight people is an intolerance of homosexuality for the sake of being homosexual. So it’s seen as bigoted if a company denies service to a homosexual BECAUSE they are homosexual. It would be the same if a private company ran by LGBT people denied service to straight people because of the fact that they are straight.

    However, the same cannot be said about this situation. This isn’t bigotry because they aren’t banning straight male bachelor parties because they are straight……they are dong it to make a stand and a point. Look at the Civil Rights era……if a black restaurant denied white patrons for the sake of being white, it’s bigotry, because that is racist. However, since they are a minority group, they are doing it to take a stand. It’s not because they hate white people…’s because they are pushing for rights.

    It’s only bigotry when it’s for the sake of intolerance. In this case, it’s not being used for intolerance of straight people. It’s being used for the progression of rights towards LGBT people.

    I just want to clear up the definition of bigotry because it’s used so much and so wrongly, on both sides.

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