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Born this way????

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Born this way??

I‘m not too sure on this topic. I personally have known people that have “claimed” to have been born that way, but I don’t know who they are trying to fool. I have known these people a long time. I’m sure others have too, and are just as confused as I am about their claim. Then, there a few, that I have wondered about just as long. As for being born that way, I’m not so sure about it. I highly believe there was some kind of influence, not necessarily homosexual influence. Dominant feminine/masculine influence, lack of feminine/masculine influence, a bad experience in a relationship, the reasoning is wide and various. One of the latest studies I’ve found shows that it really falls down to preference.

Why are people gay? The question of how homosexual orientation originates has been the subject of much press, with the general impression being promoted that homosexuality is largely a matter of genes, rather than environmental factors. However, if one examines the scientific literature, one finds that it’s not quite as clear as the news bytes would suggest. The early studies that reported differences in the brains of homosexuals were complicated by HIV infection and were not substantiated by larger, better controlled studies. Numerous studies reported that possible hormonal differences affected homosexual orientation. However, these studies were often directly contradictory, and never actually measured any hormone levels, but just used proxies for hormonal influences, without direct evidence that the proxies were actually indicative of true hormone levels or imbalances. Twin studies showed that there likely are genetic influences for homosexuality, although similar studies have shown some genetic influences for homophobia and even opposition to abortion. Early childhood abuse has been associated with homosexuality, but, at most, only explains about 10% of those who express a homosexual orientation. The fact that sexual orientation is not constant for many individuals, but can change over time suggests that at least part of sexual orientation is actually sexual preference. Attempts to find a “gay gene” have never identified any gene or gene product that is actually associated with homosexual orientation, with studies failing to confirm early suggestions of linkage of homosexuality to region Xq28 on the X chromosome. The question of genetic influences on sexual orientation could be definitively answered by using DNA microarray technology, although, to my knowledge, no such studies are planned or in progress.