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Homosexuals on T.V.

Posted: May 18, 2012 in T.V.

There is a lot of stuff on T.V. now that is just flat out wrong. I can agree to this. But I can’t imagine what I will tell my son when he asks “Why are those 2 guys/girls kissing?” And honestly, I don’t want to have to answer that. With that being said, why cant you put homosexual actions on one of the “gay” channels only. Before you have a fit, think about it. We have hispanics in America, and what do they do when they want to watch something hispanic. They have to call the cable company and get that package. and as I have gone thru the channels, at least onĀ my cable, BET is on another package as well, so African Americans have to call and get it thru their provider. I can go on and on about this. Why does it have to be on prime time all access channels? I believe Homosexuals should have to do this too. I know its your right to have channels and “I shouldn’t expose my child to such behavior if I find it wrong.” #1 I DON’T/TRY NOT to expose my child to it, and #2 IT’S ALL OVER THE PLACE! I’m not saying “Don’t give homosexuals television airtime AT ALL.” As 1 of my favorite shows is Big Bang Theory. (And there are a few on there) I’m saying, don’t have homosexual encounters. This is why I don’t watch shows like Modern Family. This is just my view on it.

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